LEONARD Import-Export

Experience is the mother of certainty - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonard Import-Export SRL is a family owned company, founded in 1991 and located in Bucharest, Romania.
The company is serving customers from different industrial fields:  tyre and rubber products, cable, plastic and insulators. We also serve customers in the railway industry with special measuring instruments. We represent in Romania several big corporations from across the globe. 
Offered services include full support for acquisition of entire production lines, industrial equipment and spare parts. We also support our customers with pre-owned industrial equipment.
Our medical division is dealing with medical equipment, with focus on disinfection of medical waste. 
The technical expert team includes specialists from all the mentioned industrial fields. With the know-how in project management and in setting-up new business, we support your entrance in the Romanian market.

Quality Certificate
Leonard Import-Export SRL is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.  
Copy of the certificate can be downloaded here: Certificat ISO 9001 LIE 26.10.2019.pdf

Company Data
Fiscal Code: RO-2600702
Reg. Number: J40/9929/1991
Address: LEONARD Import-Export SRL, Pridvorului 7/5/28, Bucharest, RO-041201, Romania
Bank Accounts at Banca Transilvania:
BIC/SWIFT Code: BTRLRO22About_Us_EN_files/Certificat%20ISO%209001%20LIE%2026.10.2019.pdfAbout_Us_EN_files/ISO%209001%20-%202008%20pt%20LIE%202016%20-%202017.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0

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